Virtual Bank Account With Routing Number

Buy Virtual Bank Account With Routing Number – Virtual Bank Account called VBA which is used to verify Paypal Account and AdWords Account (can also be used for other verification purposes).

Two types PayPal VBA & AdWords VBA we provide , Instant VBA and Micro deposit VBA


With instant virtual bank account (VBA) PayPal get verified instantly and with micro deposit bank account need 24hrs to get confirmed.

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Virtual bank account with routing number – Instant VBA

We provide following information

✅Bank Name (Any USA bank name)
✅Bank Type (Saving/Checking)
✅Routing Number ( *****1111)
✅Account Number (*******2222)
✅Bank Login Details

Virtual Bank Account With Routing Number – Micro Deposit

Same as instant vba except the bank login details. After add the bank to paypal account, paypal will send two small deposit to the bank within 24 hrs.
These two deposit codes require to submit to confirm bank.

Note: In holidays adwords & paypal doesn’t send deposit.

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