Universal OTP Bypass software

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If You have access to credit or debit Cards from any location you may want to get the funds directly to your bitcoin wallet or bank account (Through loading)…
THE otp bypass software makes it possible to fund your wallet using card details such as:

Card number, cvv and Expiry date. After which You can then transfer funds from your wallet directly to your bank account or shop Bitcoin through the available mediums using the funds in your wallet (No otp).

This software have one time activation. This means once purchased (You will get activation guide and usage guide along all forwarded to your email address.) app Keep working as long as it remains on your device.

Universal OTP Bypass software

With this software you can load any card globally and get the money funded to your app wallet. Then you can shop Bitcoin directly from your wallet or send the money to your bank account without double taught of being caught as you remain completely anonymous.

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13 reviews for Universal OTP Bypass software

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome software brother. Tested in UK, US and Nigeria cards and it worked but did not work on Indian card.

    Can u please explain why? It show some error messages including codes I don’t understand

  2. Sherubit ORG

    Bro. It must be Visa or master Card. If u try it on any other type of card it won’t work. I think you should try it again provided it’s visa or master it will work for sure.

  3. Anonymous

    App working fine but the flashing system is not working properly. It was among the reasons I purchased the app.

    I hope it Starr working soon

    • Sherubit ORG

      We are aware the fake alert aspect is getting issues. It will be up before the month runs out. Sorry for the inconvenience

      Thanks for your purchase

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve already added some funds to my wallet but am just skeptical about sending to my account. Is it 100% safe sending funds directly to bank account or shopping bitcoin is perfect please i don’t want to make mistakes

    • Sherubit ORG

      Wither You shop Bitcoin or You send to bank directly your identity is completely anonymous so long you fixed that in your app settings.

      The funds is in your wallet therefore it’s not traceable so you have no fear sending to your bank or shopping bitcoin

  5. Harry Orthina

    Thanks boss it’s a great software indeed…. Enjoying at the moment

    • Sherubit ORG

      Keep enjoying sir. Thanks for your order

  6. Christy orch

    Just the exact tool I’ve been searching for. Perfect for loading… Thanks for share

    • Sherubit ORG

      Thanks for the review

  7. Shiamoh

    I love the software man. It’s fast and easy to use with amazing features. I recommend it to whoever want to do easy loading (Commenting from 🇰🇪)

    • Sherubit ORG

      Thanks for the review

  8. Anonymous

    Can I use the app without activation code? Or will the activation code be purchased after buying the app here?

    • Sherubit ORG

      App got activation code. When you make payment you are getting the app download link and activation code forwarded to your email address.

      There’s no extra payment after activation

  9. Shimus original

    Software is working. Successful purchased

  10. Loveth

    Are you aware your site is experiencing payment failure? If you please try fix that. Meanwhile I’ve paid directly to the wallet on the page and I’ve sent payment proof to your whatsapp. Thanks 🙏

    • Sherubit ORG

      @loveth.thanms for the order. Your message has been replied on whatsapp and also the payment proof has been fixed

  11. Chukwuemeka

    Brox I really thank you for this software ooo it’s amazing 🇳🇬

  12. Rabamang Fenkiu

    Please hope its not a scam

    • Sherubit ORG

      We don’t trade fake tools here man. U have no fears

  13. Anonymous

    Apps are fucking real

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