Aged And Phone Verified Facebook Ads Accounts For Sale

Do You want To Buy Phone Verified Facebook accounts, or searching for the best place to purchase old and aged facebook accounts for Ads? This post is the perfect solution.

When You See people who seek to buy old Facebook accounts you will be wondering what they are using it for and why they can’t just sign up with new details and save the money instead of purchasing existing ones.

But then, they understood very well the importants of managing and running ancient and old Facebook accounts.

There are many reasons why people seek to buy old Facebook accounts placed for sale instead of creating new ones. We have listed some below.

Why People Buy Old and Phone Verified Facebook Accounts

Before now,Facebook security was kinda loose and then you can create new Facebook accounts and use them for whatever purpose without Hassle.

As time goes on, Facebook began to increase their security thereby making things even worse for marketers in the sense that accounts which is based on discussing monetary related matters get suspended easily (wither legitimate or non legit).

Because of this, Most marketers began to redirect customers to what’sapp and other messangers just to play safe. But even at that, what’sapp isn’t better off. Below are few reasons why the demand for old Facebook accounts is high.

Old And Phone Verified Facebook Accounts are Sustainable: What old Facebook account can do,new ones can’t do it. If you create new Facebook account and add too many friends on the spot, expect the account getting suspended.
If you discuss money issues using new accounts, expect Facebook ban, but old Facebook accounts can do these things and still stay live without suspension.

Phone Verified Facebook Accounts Are Reliable:As a business Man,If you open new account to market your products or whatever,your customers are likely to browse through your profile before making purchases from you.
When they notice your account is fresh, they may not buy from you because they assume you have not reputation online. They assume you are a scammer, they Tag your account suspicious.

Phone Verified Facebook Accounts Contain Features:You May Want to Advertise on Facebook but in the process, you Card get declined and there’s no means to make payment.

Most old Facebook accounts if not all have the PAYU options which allows you to make payment using your Naira card đź’ł without any form of card declined or whatever. This is Even the major reason why many people buy old Facebook accounts.

Where To Buy Old Facebook Accounts
There are many online stores where you can buy Phone Verified and old Facebook accounts based on your demands but you don’t need to go far because we offer the best service.

We sell Old Facebook accounts i mean as old as you want and they are phone verified account which supports ads. You can give us the specs you need.

E.g I need 5Yrs old Facebook account, I need 2yrs and above old Facebook accounts, I need Facebook account with Payu option etc…. And we will give you the price. You will get discounts if you need them in bulk. Chat us on what’sapp now for easy deal.

Don’t let Facebook Accounts be the reason why you stopped running Facebook ads to your business.