Awarded best online shopping sites in Nigeria

Some of the top online shopping malls in Nigeria in terms of service, excellence, coverage, and popularity are listed below to take Note in case when wanting to shop in any of the online stores.
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The list is fully vetted to include only the best online shopping stores in Nigeria that are great with customer support, after-sale support, and quick delivery of goods and packages.

1.Jumia (#1 Online Shopping Site in Africa)
Jumia is a very big online shopping platform in Nigeria and/or Africa as a whole: they have internet shops in major west African countries as well as pick up centers in major cities.

They delivers each product with a high level of professionalism and considers consumer’s satisfaction a priority.
Jumia’s virtual store is trusted by many as one of the best e-web-stores in Nigeria.
With the surge in discounts and promos, Jumia Nigeria should be a great destination for buying things online in Nigeria and West African states.

Jumia’s eMall is trusted, sells quality products, and has a good return policy for damaged goods. The only downside with using Jumia is their inability to deliver nationwide like konga (“pay on delivery” isn’t available to all locations): you have to pick up items from major cities only.
Their official website is

Vconnect is one of the first really successful business directory websites to grace Nigerian cyberspace. Their recent dabble into the e-Commerce space seems to be a great step in the right direction.
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Shopping on Vconnect means that you are transacting with a company that cares so much about consumer’s right, pre-sales, and after-sales support.
Their products are of a good standard and come at a great price too. You should have some good confidence in shopping on the Vconnect website.

The official website is found at


MyStore is also among the reputable online stores to shop from in Nigeria. The company has lasted for over a decade now with good testimonies and reviews from their customers nationwide.

Products that can be bought from this platform include; kitchen utensils and equipment, home decor, and office essentials.
The official website is
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Gidimall is a fast-growing online store. The platform has been proved by many to be a good/trusted site for online shopping. It has existed for some years now and had kept a good reputation.

Electronic gadgets/accessories, home essentials, drinks and food items, cameras, printers, and etc. are goods that can be purchased on Gidimall. Their official website is

Just like the name sounds “Techmall”, this online shop deals on everything tech, gadgets, softwares, and electronic accessories. It not popular like most online but has maintained good customer support over the years.
The official website is

Fouani is a Nigerian online store that deals with LG products only, it is an online showroom for all LG products available in Nigeria.
The company is a trusted online platform to shop for LG products and accessories nationwide. It has many offline stores across the country.

EShop is an online store that deals on technology and electrical gadgets only. Products available on this platform includes; Inverters, solar panels, solar-powered inverter, flat screen televisions (LED), cookers and other popular consumer electronics.
The website is

Luxartrel is a place to shop for quality products online. It deals with various products and services and its customers can pay using different secure online payment methods.

Another shop that works like Luxatrel is Bentigos Online store. Bentigos is a Nigerian online fashion store that deals on latest fashion trends; clothes, sunglasses, shoes, wrist watches, and etc.

Their own website is seated at

Awufu is a Nigerian marketplace where you can shop for Tech and Electrical gadgets, different kind of Accessories, mobile phones and computers.
It is not a popular online store and we are not too sure about their customer service and policies. The official website of Awufu is

Supermart is a large online supermarket and grocery delivery store. It sells all kind of provisions, food items, drinks, utensils, and varieties of books (educational, fiction, romance, etc).

Their official website is

Zabadne is a Nigerian online shopping store where you can buy different product. Products like: mobile phones, computers, kitchen utensils, home appliances and electronic gadgets.
Their official website’s homepage is located at

Ahioma is an Igbo word which connotes “Good Market” in the English language. On this online store, you can purchase mobile phones and mobile gadgets.

They also sale top electronic products like: computers, stationary, books, wines, drinks, fashion outfits and fitness kits. It is a fast-rising online store with good customer support and great after-sales service.
Their official website is

14.Goods Arena
Goods Arena is a good place to shop online for your fashion outfits, home/office accessories, gadgets, PCs and other goodies. It is not popular among Nigerians but has maintained good quality services over the years.

The official website is