How to Cashout money from someone’s bank account in nigeria 2022

How to Cashout money from someone’s bank account in Nigeria 2022 :In this article, I’m going to share with, the current update trick in which guys uses to Cashout more often to hack bank account and at the same time withdraw money using just individual phone number that is linked to clients bank account.

Videomine technology platform

Just recently we got this update i believe most of you must have as well benefited greatly from this life changing cool update.

Nowadays, guys in the street, no longer bothers their self to bomb clients because of so many easy Cashout update which they benefit from secretly. without even the awareness their friends to know their source of income.

As you already know, we, brings in any current update regarding to bank hacking that hits our way.

Due to the current situation of Nigeria, hacker’s has now discovered a software to abstract money from individuals bank account, using just clients phone number

My first time hearing this update I was like non of these exist after making thorough research about this update from most of our clients whom have started earning from this.

My question was how?

I come to discovered that it’s ­čĺ»percent possible to hack through someone’s bank account with just the phone number using a software which I’m not going to share here online publicly for security reasons.

In case you need the software you can make your order at the comments section, or reach us for more details and get the software so you could also secretly benefit from it too.

Haven known this at first I never believed but come to think of the security system of Nigerian banks are very poor and also tested and gotten so many good results about this software. It’s indeed very easy under 10 minutes, you got your transaction done without wasting of time and stress.

Sherubit fake bitcoin sender software

According to reports, the mission of these Hackers whom discovered this tool was to frustrate Nigeria banks and the federal government as a result of the unfair system of government in the country.

So this software got developed, and launched to assist the poor to Cashout Free money from unknown peoples bank accounts.

This software is mainly programmed to withdraw limited amount of money from each client mobile number that comes your way. sure its linked to his or her bank account.

It has withdrawal limit of 10 phone mobile number that linked to individual bank accounts per day.

Once exceeded, you can wait for the next day to start your Cashout.

How does this software works?

Once download and installed successfully

A dashboard will display instantly where you will be asked to put in the clients Bank linked phone number And thereafter you click on processed

Another dashboard comes clearly stating individual accounts details which includes, Account Balances, Full Name, Name of bank, account number, Home Address

Then you skip and withdraw the amount you want and transfer to any unknown POS account personnel and then you can withdraw successfully.

The major reason why this software is recommended to every Nigerian students,or hustler and other is that when using this software, once plugged in any mobile number that is linked to bank account.

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it’s automatically turns your location far away from the clients.
This will enable you Cashout safely without any security harassments.

It’s safe and secure to use.

this is a very great opportunity to help all Nigerians students and whom are unable to pay their bills.