Complete review of videomine version2 scam or legit?

Videomine technology platform

Complete review of videomine version2 scam or legit? :In our previous article we discussed about how to make cool cash by registering with the video mine technology platform, I’m sure most of you must have started earning by now. So without much wasting of your time,I bring you a new update now, which you can as well benefit from, then the previous one.

In a brief explanation is a platform in which you can earn money on daily basis by visiting their websites, watching movies, posting viral videos, and also referring of other people to get registered.

Before getting registered you’re requires you to pay for activation or coupon code from a vendor. #2000

Videomine Version 2 is Out!

This newly updated version of videomine platform, has exactly the same features with the previous version, such as watching videos, visiting the website on daily basis, posting of viral videos, and referring people to get registered using your referral link.

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The videomine version 2 consists of three different systems which are:

1 affiliate single

2. Mlm v2 team

3.mlm team

How to register a videomine version 2 affiliate?

Starting up videomine Affiliate single is simple!

1. Use the videomine version 2 affiliate below link to sign up.

2. Refer people using your referral link

3. Be sure they register using your link

4. Direct them on how to purchase the coupon code from a trusted vendor.

5. Make sure they buy the code.

Once successfully registered, you will start earning money. From the above daily tasks.

Video watching #150

Registration payment #2000

Referral bonus #1400

Viral video post #200

Registration bonus #1000

Every day visit #100

After earning the minimum withdrawal you can withdraw your earnings twice a week, and also get your commission paid instantly.

How to register for videomine mlm team?

Still same process!

Becoming a staff gives you access to the following:

You can withdraw #10,000 of your earnings instantly

You have to resubscribe and transfer in every cycle

Paying for registration and resubscription fee of #2000 is a must

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK live CC – Donovan

How Videomine version 2 mlm works |MLM VERSION 2 is a purely referral activity package.

Registration is 3500 naira only

Ones you register. You automatically get 20,000 Naira displayed on your dashboard.

But you can only access it when you do this below

Things to do:

It requires you to refer 4 people directly with your link. (On the dashboard, 2 will be displayed as frozen while 2 will be displayed as Direct referrals)

😍Then you need 4 indirect. Which is any 4 that any of your down lines refer. Gbam. You don get 20k (This simply means 4 indirect refs from your down line even if its 1 direct down line that registers 4 others, u are done with that cycle) 20,000 is yours for withdrawals

You can withdraw and choose to resubscribe ♻️

When u resubscribe, another 20000 will be on your dashboard for cash out, so
You need only 2 people to use your link this time. Not 4 anymore.
Then let your 2 people. Get 2 each under them. Another 20,000 up for grabs

So it’s now 2 direct and 4 indirect (Team of 6) u can also have it any way u wanna have it but the max u can register using your referral link for each cycle is 4. So u can even register 3 people or 4 while your down line provide the rest but its feasible as 2 direct and 4 indirect most times πŸ™Œ

For each cycle, you follow the same step. Of 2 people using your link


*Each recycle gives you 20,000

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Videomine mlm V2 registration process

First, visit their website using this link:

After that click on the menu button and then click activation code.
After purchasing the activation code kindly copy and paste it where necessary
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Fill in

Your full name:

(first name, last name) email address, username, password, coupon code then click on sign up.

Videomine Version 2 contact details

For more info, you can as well message the following contact address:

WhatsApp vendors:

Email address:

Telegram account:

Is videomine version 2 legit or a scam?

The videomine version 2 platform is currently legit and paying their clients as claimed 100%. Have also benefited much money from this platform too. Here are some of my clients withdrawal proves

Videomine version 2 recent payment proofs.

Videomine version 2 video payment proof

as at launched today being 16th May 2022

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Where to buy coupon codes to register,version 2?

WhatsApp vendor:For coupon code.