How To Create Bitcoin Wallet Using Coinbase

It’s not difficult to create Bitcoin Wallet. There’s not doubt you need it for your online business as everything online is going digital.

I don’t know why you need bitcoin address/wallet, but in whichever way this post is going to be of help as am going to share with You easy step on How to create bitcoin wallet using Coinbase.

Don’t get me wrong, Coinbase is not the only place to get wallet setup. There are many crypto holders of its kind. Am writing this based on what i use personally. You can search for other crypto’s websites like Coinbase if you wish.

How to Create Bitcoin Wallet on Coinbase

To Get started, visit the Coinbase official website at Coinbase.Com and click on the register for free button as boldly displayed on the website

Enter Your Valid email address and click on the continue button. Be sure you have access to this email because it will need verification.

Now the registration process begins. Enter your first and last name, your email address will be automatically added having posted it on the initial page followed by your password.

As soon as this screen appears, you should know the details has been sent to your email for confirmation.

At this point, when you open your email address you will see the message as below 👇. Click on the confirm button to get your account creation process to the next stage.

Select your country and enter your mobile number correctly. Remember confirmation will be done so don’t use wrong digits.

Enter the 7 digit code sent to your phone number for confirmation.

Now, You are done with the account setup. Skip every other settings or get them done.

Once your account is logged in, the next thing is how to get your Bitcoin Address/wallet through which you receive payments from clients.

How to get bitcoin address from Coinbase

Login the Coinbase account you’ve created and click on the right hand top Menu button.

Click on Pay from the dropMenu. You will be directed to another page where you will see the Send and Receive Button. Click on Receive and you will be directed to another page where you will find your wallet address.

You can now copy your wallet address because it’s ready for use. The address doesn’t change. This means you can save it anywhere and use it anytime you want.

The scan code also does same work of your address. Clients can send you money through any of the methods. “Scan code or Address”

Whichever method they asked for, you provide for them through this method.

It’s good you’ve learned how to create your own wallet. You can drop your comment if necessary.