Create Instant UK PayPal Account In 2 minutes

Create Instant UK PayPal Account In 2 minutes

From Observation and the type of customers we meet daily, we have come to conclude that no Africa country seek PayPal more than Nigerians and also applicable to other countries like Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Morocco etc whom are wanting to use paypal as non residence.

In this article i will be teaching you easy guide on how you can Open UK PayPal Account In 2 minutes regardless of the African countries you living by simply following the above guides Which I’m going to show you now.

Please, make sure you read this article to the end, so as to understand the processes properly to avoid finding it complicated.

Before then, you can read a flash back on our previous article, where we discussed Steps To Claim Money On Paypal Without SSN Proof

You are advised to read it for easy understanding.

As you already Know, There are two Things involved when opening PayPal accounts. It’s either you use real documents as resident or fake documents as non residents citizen

So it’s your choice. note that there is absolutely no way you can get real documents to create the UK PayPal account without living in the United Kingdom.

Accept buying documents for UK PayPal Account sign up and verification here online.

Moreover, I’m going to show you how to Create a UK PayPal account using the fake details from any country and you will be able to send and receive funds worldwide.

But mind you, there are certain risk involved. in the sense that as soon as you start sending and receiving big amounts of funds regularly in your PayPal account, they could get your account suspended and request for identity verification.

So once you successfully registered your UK PayPal Account using this guide, you are advised to use it with caution so as to avoid your account from being banned.

Without much waste of time.,

How to Open UK PayPal Account for Free From Africa

Kindly Download and install any of the VPN Networks eg proton or any of choice, but most recommended is the Proton VPN. Which will enable you operate safely.

Generate a United Kingdom Address which you are going to use during your registration. You can do that with this Link

I have generated my Address and below is what i got.

Street: 29 Carriers street
City: Crofts of Buinach
Zip: IV30 6RE
Phone: Any fake number or get real UK number

The phone number Verification will earn you extra Security and safety so if you can afford to get a UK mobile number please do: Cost is 10$

Or if am to help you get one otherwise you can help yourself using mobile app like VYKE

Now, having gotten your address and Phone number Ready, Simply Visit

From the Menu, Click on Signup and select the account type you want to register. As you can see below, I’ve selected PayPal personal or individual account

After selecting your Account type, Click On the Continue button to proceed to the next step.
Enter your name, Email and password

From the next page, Enter your details correctly such as your, Street address , zip or postal code etc

Continue to the next page where you will be asked to confirm your phone number: If you have a real Number which can receive text messages, You can verify your mobile number and continue to the next page otherwise Just Hit the Not Now button to pass the page.

Go to your PayPal page and you will see from your homepage Four options which are: Confirm your Phone number, Confirm your e-mail, Add a debit/Credit Card and then Add a Bank.

If you can confirm your email , Phone and Card, You’re good to go. and Now we say your account is ready for sending and receiving Funds.

If you got your Documents, Go to the settings Page from your PayPal account and upload your Docs, Otherwise You can contact me for Docs ($100).
For UK mobile Number $10

For UK virtual debit Cards And PayPal Verification $10

Link Card with Your UK PayPal Account

Like i said earlier, UK paypal seem not to be working again with payoneer so you may not be able to link payoneer bank. As such, You will need to link your ATM card for verification.

After linking and confirming your Debit or Credit Card, it means you have successfully lifted Your Transaction limit.

To link Card, Click on Link Card/bank from your PayPal dashboard, Select the Link Card option, Add your Card details, Confirm Card, Enter confirmation Code sent to your Card statement. Now your card is confirmed and transaction limit successfully lifted. (can use virtual cards for the process)

How to Open UK PayPal account in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Togo, etc

The above tips will help you open UK PayPal account as a non residence.
Incase you got any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions via our comment section or message Us for guidance

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