Easy Guide To Link Payoneer Account To PayPal

Easy Guide To Link Payoneer Account To PayPal

In this article, i will be teaching you, on the following👇

How To Open A Payoneer Account For Free,

>Payoneer Identity Verification Tips

>How To Open A PayPal Account

>How To Verify Your PayPal Account with payoneer bank account

>How To Transfer Money from PayPal To Payoneer Bank

Before linking your payoneer to PayPal, you must ensure that both accounts are verified. Before we continue I’m going to guide you on how to open a payoneer account in Canada, South Africa, United United States, etc.

Haven helped so many of our clients in creating payoneer account and passing these processes repeatedly, we come to notice that must people don’t know how to sign up payoneer account, and at the same time get it verified.
That’s why we gonna be discussing in details on these challenges today.

Before, opening a verified payoneer account, there are credentials you must provide which includes

Requirements Needed To Open A Verified Payoneer Account

Registering a payoneer account is as easy as signing up on every other website. What you need is just:

>An Active Email address

>Your Phone Number

>Your ID card Any Gov. Issued ID is acceptable

>Your Name and other details as stated in your ID

If You can get all of the above details based on the country payoneer account you want to create, then you are good to go. Follow below guide to get started although

How to Open Payoneer Account in For Free

Kindly Vist their official website
click the sign up button

Enter Your First and Last name Your Email, Confirm your Email Address, enter Your Date of birth and click on the Next button

Select Your Country Your Address, City, Postal Code and Mobile Number : Your Post Code can be any six Digits depending on your country. If your country have working post code, you can use it in the field.

Enter the Necessary details. Your Username, Your password, Security question, Your ID type

Enter Your Bank details Your bank name, Account number, account name and currency type. If your Currency isn’t found, you can just select $ (Dollar currency). It’s the default currency. But the NGN is already there so you just have to select the Naira and continue.

Now you are done Creating your payoneer account. The account will be reviewed and approved within few hrs. In some cases it don’t take more than 30 minutes while it might also take longer. However be rest and sure that payoneer will always get back to you on your account status through email message.

As soon as your Payoneer registration is approved You will get an email message as shown below. Also Note that Payoneer can Reject and your application and disapprove your account. When that happens, you may need to sign up again but be sure to know why the account was disapproved before applying again.

Now Your Payoneer is active and available and the only thing left is Verification.

Watch Out How To Verify Your Payoneer Account After Sign Up

Now Login Your Payoneer account after approval Click on Settings and select Verification center

Select your ID type and a new page will open where you will be prompted to

Upload your ID for review The review process might take 24 to 48 hrs but they will surely get back to you about your payoneer verification status through email message. So always check on your email having submitted your documents to know what’s next

Upload A scanned Copy Of Your ID, You can just snap it and send too but make sure your shot is clean and Very Clear.

Once your Documents are reviewed and approved, You can now start using payoneer account unlimitedly.

Payoneer Identity verification tips

Upload a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID. A national ID card, passport, or driver’s icense are all valid.

Make sure your ID hasn’t expired.

Make sure you upload copies of both sides of your ID.

The image of your ID must be clear, with no obstructions (such as your fingers).

A color copy is preferable to black and white.

Scanned images of your ID are preferable to pictures. If you take a picture with a camera or phone, make sure that the picture is straight and do not use flash.

How To Open A PayPal Account

You can watch out how to open a PayPal Account below

You can create a PayPal account from your computer or mobile browser or directly through the PayPal app. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

1.Go to paypal.com or download the PayPal app from the App Store or Google Play.

2.Click the blue “Sign Up” button.

3.Select “Personal Account.”

4.Add your phone number and you’ll receive a text with a security code to enter on the next screen.

5.Enter your legal first and last name, email address and a secure password.

6.Then, enter your mailing address and agree to PayPal’s privacy policy. This will create your account.

7.Finally, add a credit card, debit card, or bank account to your PayPal account.

How To Verify Your PayPal Account With Payoneer bank Account

Kindly follow these steps below to link your PayPal account with payoneer bank account.

The first thing is that you need to login to your Payoneer account,

After you log in to your Payoneer Account, you need to click on the “Receive” tab then choose the “Global Payment Service” option

After that, you will get redirected to this Page.

On this page, you need to click on the USD Tab, and by default, you will have the first-century bank as the bank for USD currency

The issue is that you can not connect the “First Century Bank” account with PayPal because they know that this is a Payoneer’s account based on the routing number.

All you need to do is to contact Payoneer and ask them to assign you the “Community Federal Savings Bank” Bank account.

Payoneer will create this account for you within two business days.

After then, your Account will be fully Ready!

Transfer Money from PayPal To Payoneer Bank

From Your PayPal login click on Transfer Money usually under your available balance.

Enter the amount you Wanna send having selected your payoneer bank above, and continue to finish the transaction.

You will get credited within 24 to 48hrs when it’s not weekends. That’s for working days. If it’s weekend it may take longer.

I believe, everyone reading this page, find it helpful, well incase you don’t understand? Please do not hesitate to ask your questions on our comments section or contact our costumers department via what’sapp. Our mission is to serve our clients better.