Exchange Fake Money For Real Money

The Safest Places To Exchange Fake Money For Real Money

I use this publication to show you the best place to exchange fake money. Do not get it wrong; doing a thing like this is illegal, and I am not encouraging the act.

Watermarks, serial numbers, security strips, and other factors are making fake bills easier to detect. Counterfeiting, generally, is becoming much more difficult than it was a decade ago but people still counterfeit currencies.

And the bigger the note, the likelier it is for the vendors to invariably check with a pen or a light. This story of a Home Depot worker who passed $387,500 in fake bills for real ones may inspire you, anyways.

The Best Places To Exchange Fake Money For Real Ones Include The Following:👇

1. Dope Dealers

You can spend the money with dope dealers – people who do not really care if the money is counterfeit or not at first. You are not ripping them off but long-term dope dealers have seen lots of fake money

Some of them get the feelings the money is worthless but they do not have the time to verify every bill because of the illegality.

You could as well contact a major Mafia don at a casino. Spend as much as $100,000.00 on chips. This may be a good way to pass counterfeit cash and not get into legal troubles.

However, the criminal you are dealing with cannot challenge you within the law, so they will come at you illegally.

When they discover that you transacted with counterfeits, they will pay back violently. And to send a message to others who may want to pull the same on them, they will probably make an example of you in a way. Perhaps, you should escape with the dope after that and market it elsewhere for the real cash

Busy Business Centers

You could spend your counterfeit bills in typically crowded places where people do not have the time to check the notes. Such places include hotels, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.
Your regular mom and pop stores are more likely to detect the fake money since they typically watch over their Hardy earned currency. They understand that if they unknowingly deposit it, and are caught by the bank, they lose everything.

Some of these shops also use video surveillance, making it easier to identify and track you. You want to protect yourself from the cameras to thwart any attempt to locate and arrest you.

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The Church

You can have the church attendants at different churches unknowingly change the fake bills to real ones for you. You need bigger notes. Give them the bigger notes and ask for smaller denominations amounting to the same value to use as a collection. This has to take place in different churches until you exchange all the bills..

Counterfeits Collectors

There are groups of Counterfeits collectors who will pay to acquire your counterfeit money. You can find them on the dark web.

Each of the phony notes should be clearly marked with unerasable markings to indicate “play money” to keep you within the law. the marking requirement depends on your country, so pass this by your local lawyer to do the right thing.
If you have fake notes for more than $5,000, it will be difficult to wash them normally. You could sell the notes to a proper fence/cleaner at 80%.
Note that a reasonable $20 reproduction may only be really worth about 5$ of profit. Perhaps, not worth it to dupe enough for a cleaner to handle. The hundos (hundreds) should be the better option for big batches.

The 4 C’s

The 4 Cs represent Circus’, ‘Carnival’, ‘Convention’, and ‘Children You can leverage any of them to flip or launder fake currency and get away with it.

Circuses, carnivals, and conventions for instance, are typically hugely crowded. Most of the vendors are mere independent operations that pay to participate or are loosely affiliated.

Circuses and carnivals are outdoor, and cameras surveillance is not common, meaning you can get away with exchanging counterfeit money without trail. Conventions happen indoors, and people bring lots of costumes and cosplay, which makes it easier to hide your identity. These vendors are majorly into cash transactions, making it easier to pass fake bills for items you can sell later.

On the other hand, children are mostly clueless. Your mark has to be kids under 15. You offer to trade a $100 for five $20 bills and promise a $10 bill as a reward. You could also add that they would be owning a hundreds dollar bill all to themselves.
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Depending on what type of kid you are dealing with, you could buy them an ice cream cone with a hundo. The retailer even thinks you are such a nice fellow Since kids are easy to manipulate, they are one of the best places to bait and switch fake bills.
You can also combine the kids for a small money washing. Get a kid to take your false bill for a ride or balloon animal guy at the fair and keep the change. Finally, get out of sight before the kid(s) reconnect with their parent.
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Do Not Buy From The Malls To Sell In Exchange

Do not target the malls unless you can protect yourself from the cameras. As a former mall manager for a few mall stores, we check your money right in front of you to tell whether it is counterfeit or real.

Anyone who has been working in retail for some time can tell if a bill is suspicious or not. And you cannot tell if the attendant ringing you up is new to retail or an olds timer.

You would think doing it during the busy times in the mall like the holiday seasons will not get you caught. Well, that is when most mall managers instruct employees to watch out for possible criminal activities, including passing counterfeit bills and shoplifting.

The mall stores I have managed receive emails throughout the season to always check the notes, including all $20s.

When you are caught with false bills, the staff or manager will ask if you have another form of payment. If you reply yes, no, or try to beat about the bush, they will say, “your bill is counterfeit. You may want to take it back to the place you got it
When you leave, the store manager calls the mall security and provides your description. If you try to use the bills at another mall, the security calls the police on you.

What If You Manage To Pass The Fake Bills At The Mall?

If you manage to pass the fake bills at the mall, well, the money goes to the bank every night. If the bank discovers any counterfeit in the dropped money, the mall will go through all transactions from that day to identify the transaction the counterfeit comes from.

The cashiers for those transactions will be questioned. The mall also looks at security footage of those transactions to identify you. If you thwarted any means of being captured by the camera, kudos, you win.
But if the mall identifies you, your picture from the tape is given to the mall security. And when you are seen, security is notified to pick you up. Well, the chance is that you will get away with it.


Do not go anywhere near the bank, they can detect and will not accept deposits of counterfeit money. The ATM will not also take fake money, so do not think it is the best place to exchange it for real notes. Banks typically confiscate counterfeit money and hand it to the Secret Service. The Secret Service investigates and takes the fake bills out of circulation.