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As an iPhone User who’s seeking to know how to do fake bank alerts, you must probably be searching for Fake alert app for iPhone. Just as Android users will be searching for Fake alert app for android devices (Apk and IOS).

Before now, we’ve been talking about flash funds for android users and ever sinve then, alot of guys who uses IPhone has been pestering us through whatsapp and email messages perhaps to get the IOS version ready.

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We didn’t make this app because we felt everyone uses Android but because we checked our Visitors stats and having found that majority of people who uses our tools and website in general are android users, we needed to focus more on Apk rather than IOS.

However, having figured out that the demand for IOS version has increased, we have then launched the iPhone version for Flash funds. Am sure this will be the end to your search on fake alert app for iPhone.

✅ DOWNLOAD Fake Alert App For IPhone

Unlike the PC and android version we shared earlier. Flash funds for IPhone does not use activation code. This makes it more easy to access and also share with friends without issues.

If You are using Iphone, once you get the app, you can share it with other iPhone users and they won’t need any extra process to get Started rather than just installing.

Like you already know, the android version requires you to enter Activation code. This makes it impossible to be shared with others. Because even when you do, they will still need to buy activation code through the app. But with the iPhone version you just need to download, install and start using.

To get Fake alert app for iPhone, kindly message us privately. The app will be forwarded to you once paid.

The Price remains the same cost for the android versions.

Rhremsy ORG

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  1. Thanks brother. Just got the app on my iPhone. It’s as perfect as explained

    1. Thanks for commenting brother. We are glad you got your fake alert app through us

      Don’t hesitate to tell your friends about us

  2. I’ve gotten the android version since. And it’s working perfectly but i got iPhone and i will love to use it on iPhone please how is that possible?

    1. You will have to purchase the IOS version as well. You can’t move the android version to your iPhone.

      Don’t worry we will surely give you discount having made a purchase earlier.

      Just DM us

  3. Endurance inn says:


    I’ve messaged you on whatsapp but no response yet. Don’t know if you changed Digits?

  4. King Obama says:

    Please sir

    How can i make payment for the app. I really need it urgently

    1. We accept Bank transfers, Bitcoin, Ven, or payoneer payments. Get in touch on whatsapp.

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