Fake Dollars Sender Tool For Dollars Accounts Scam

Fake Dollars Sender Tool For Dollars Accounts Scam!! USA RESIDENTS OR NON

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you on how you can send fake dollars and withdraw real dollars from united States Banks or any dollars account.

Before now I believe everyone reading this article, has heard about how people are being scammed here in the United States, as a result of this hack tool which hacker’s has generated to transfer fake and withdraw real money from Banks without the costumers notice with the help of the hypbank software

Before I continue sharing with you on how the hypbank hack software operates, let’s watch a video of how so many people are being scammed millions of Dollars here with this tool

This hypbank software has been secretly operating for some years which our company never knew about until one of our technical hack team discovered it just recently.

After making research, about this software, we come to discovered that this tool is among the most notorious bank breaks software used to get access to individual bank accounts using just clients phone number, Bank Name and Account number only for United States Banks and dollars account

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This software is mainly used to send fake dollars funds into clients account, or can withdraw money from someone’s Bank account using just the clients SSN digits code.

Fake dollars sender tool for dollars accounts Scam

For Easy understanding of this tool, I’m gonna write a breakdown of how to use this tool to Send money to clients account, and also how to use it to withdraw money, from his or her bank dollars account as well.

How to use hypbank software to send fake dollars funds

Haven purchased and gotten the hypbank hack tool, all you need do, is simply install it on your PC device sure you turn on your VPN to any countries of your choice when using it in the United States. Or if not United States? maybe you’re living in Africa? You will have to turn your VPN to United States. Without being tracked.

Once successfully installed, you will sign up using your Gmail account after sign in? Two dashboard gonna display on your PC,which consists of send fake dollars funds and withdraw dollars funds

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Fake dollars sender tool for dollars accounts Scam

Send fake dollars funds section :if you want to use this software for transferring money to your client,? You will be asked to plug in client Bank account details, which includes Account Number, Account Name and Bank at which you want to transfer the money to.

If imagine how possible this software works?

Because the hypbank hack software comes with 57 million fake dollars funds programmed in the send money section mainly to send to any clients in the United States or using dollars account but cannot be withdraw.

Then haven fill in your clients account name, Name and Bank,? Includes the amount of fake dollars funds in which you want to transfer to your client dollars account.

Once done filling the details? Kindly click on the process transfer bottom.

Instantly , now comes a dashboard, which shows transfer successfully sent,

When done? Don’t leave your PC Hold on!

A section Will display, showing funds, successfully reflected in your clients account.

Immediately, your client will receive a credit alert, stating that money has been credited into her account just like real bank alert. there is absolutely no difference.

That’s one reason why this software is so dangerous when it comes to sending fake dollars to someone’s account because it reflects immediately. And the client balance is added automatically, this  proof that the transaction is real. But can’t be withdrew 🤦‍♂️

Which usually last in the clients dollars account for the period of 2 weeks, each time your client wanna make Withdrawal, it’s shows not sufficient funds, and the balance remains the same. So complicating 😊

With this software, you can do all kinds of fake dollars transactions, to any DOLLAR ACCOUNT USA OR NON USA RESIDENTS.

How to withdraw from your clients dollars account, using the hypbank hack tool?

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Well the withdrawal section is easy

If you wanna make any withdrawal using this software,? What is required is just your clients screenshot of his or her credit or debit card, once uploaded into the software? It’s scans the credit or debit card for 2 minutes and all bank details of your clients, reflects on your PC immediately. Then comes withdrawal option, kindly plugin you bitcoin wallet, and withdraw any amount you want to, from your clients account without being tracked with the help of the hypbank software. 😊

This software is really amazing, when it comes to sending fake dollars and withdrawing real dollars.

According to report this software has been the major sources of income to must of these multi billionaires here in the United States and globally as you already know we pull out hidden secrets  around the world regarding bank hack and otherwise.

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If interested in getting this software?

All details will be sent to you, but before then? make sure you have a computer device because this software is neither for Android non iPhone

The software capability is far higher then that of Android and PC

If any order? you can comment on our comments section, or reach our vendors via telegram