Guides to avoid paypal limitations In Nigeria 2023

Guides To Avoid PayPal Account Limitations In Nigeria 2023

PayPal Limitations:In this article, we shall be discussing PayPal limitations and frequently asked questions and answers regarding PayPal in general so as to understand fully well on how it PayPal works as a user in Nigeria.

Since the existence of PayPal account in Nigeria, so many people has been using it to send and receive money home and abroad securely without any issues.

Haven created and start using the PayPal in Nigeria, be aware there are certain limitations and restrictions that user must definitely experience. Which we are going to discuss today, to enable you understand more in case you just started.

How to Avoid PayPal Limitations In Nigeria?

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The following, listed below, are what you should try by all means to always avoid, in other to avoid the PayPal limitations and restrictions.


1.Multiple Accounts

Most often many people, fall victim of this aspect, i too was included, only to discovered that is against the PayPal policy, i have to stop creating and using two or more PayPal accounts on the same IP device so instead, if i want to use a different PayPal account. I always buy a different phone entirely.

Please take note, because you can easily get limited and restricted with this, you are only allowed to use one PayPal account on one IP device
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NOTE: One PayPal Account On only one IP if you use two or more on one IP device you will get restricted on PayPal

2.You cannot Restore Banned PayPal account

Yeah, you can never restore Banned PayPal account, no matter what, that is why everyone using the PayPal account should always abide by the PayPal policies because once the PayPal policy is violated, then your PayPal account is at risk, either it will get restricted permanently or temporarily or your transactions will be limited

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3.You cannot withdraw PayPal funds directly to your bank account in Nigeria

Unlike every other countries, in which you can withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your banks such as USA and other European countries. But in Nigeria, including every other African countries, such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, you cannot withdraw PayPal to your local bank account.

You are only allowed to convert your PayPal funds on your PayPal account to Naira , and also Shop things online both locally and international using your PayPal funds.

Now Haven understands all these, there are so many questions asked by some of our clients, which we have brought to book to enable you understand everything about PayPal policies and avoid getting banned in Nigeria which are as follows :

PayPal FAQs and Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1.Which Cards do PayPal supports?
Paypal supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Debit or Credit Cards.

2.Can i transfer PayPal Funds?

Sure, you can transfer your available PayPal funds to other PayPal users in Nigeria and outside Nigeria

3.Which site can i use Nigeria PayPal?

As far as your Nigeria Paypal account has been verified, you can use it to shop on any online store with PayPal shopping Cart.

4.Which device is compatible to get PayPal registered?

You can use any device to register and verify your PayPal account in Nigeria. BOTH Mobile and PC of all type as PayPal is compatible on all devices.

5.Can i add more than one Card to my PayPal account?

Sure , there’s as an option to add multiple cards to one PayPal account.

From the above description, i believe you strongly learnt how to avoid PayPal limitations and restrictions in Nigeria and every other countries.

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The only Secret to bypass PayPal Account limitations and restrictions, is Abiding on The PayPal Policies this Will enhance you to use your PayPal account, to send and receive money safely and secured.

Here comes to an end of today’s article, please if got any challenges on your PayPal account,? Do not hesitate to ask your questions on the comments section, or via WhatsApp, our company costumers services are always available to assist.

See you all in our next article have a nice day!