How to Cashout Free BNB from trust wallet 2022

How to Cashout Free BNB from trust wallet 2022

How to Cashout Free BNB from trust wallet 2022:Over some mouths now, BNB has been trending here online, i guess you all most have in one way or another other, benefited greatly from this trick but in case you haven’t? then in this article, i will be showing you how to Cashout BNB funds from the trust wallet with the powerful software called The BEXCHANGE app.

How to Cashout BNB from trust wallet
video guide

Firstly, purchase the bexchange apk and quota code, once received?

click on login once installed

App Opened

You will be taken to the bc.V9.8 BEXCHANGE page page.

Click on withdraw BNB and enter the BNB address you want to add funds.

And then click on transfer botton

Enter your quota code to complete your transaction

Your funds is successfully transferred

All is needed is to purchase the app and quota code to get the job done
cost $60

Quota code is renewed every month 30_31days. That means it needs to be reactivated after the period of one month

BNB withdrawal from trust wallet scam or legit?

Most cases, have been receiving messages from what’sapp and email from my visitors, doubting the BNB withdrawal, from trust wallet, a scam due to some bad experiences which they have gone through here online. Just have to be careful when purchasing any software from websites, because 80% are damn scams. I’m a victim

BNB withdrawal from trust wallet isn’t a scam, it’s a legit trick on board here in the internet, you can also benefit from it, now that it works, no body knows what could happened tomorrow.

Bexchange app and quota code cost 60$

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