How to Change Paypal Funds On Paypal Account

HOW TO CHANGE PAYPAL FUNDS ON PAYPAL Account In today’s article I’m going to teach you easy step on how you can exchange your PayPal money, to any currency of your choice Before withdrawal

Haven glanced through some of the questions asked by most of our clients from United Kingdom, France, Germany etc using the PayPal as their major means of sending and receiving money.

I noticed that most people, find it very difficult to change their PayPal funds to their country currency before Cashout which makes them so frustrated, got no option but to let loose their PayPal account because, they got no solutions to withdraw their PayPal funds. As you already know.
PayPal is an online payment system that makes paying for things online and sending and receiving money safe and secure. Regardless of the country you from.

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Below are List of all Currencies in which you can change using the PayPal Account :

1.Australian Dollar
2.Canadian Dollar
3.Swiss Franc
4 Czech Koruna
5 Danish Krone
7.British Pound
8 Hong Kong Dollar
9. Hungarian Forint
10.Israeli New Shekel
11.Japanese Yen
12 Mexican Peso
13 Norwegian Krone
14.New Zealand Dollar
15 Philippine Peso
16. Polish Zloty
17.Russian Ruble
18.Swedish Krona
19.Singapore Dollar
20Thai Baht

If your currency is not listed here and you’re using PayPal account in that country, it will be so difficult to convert your PayPal funds.

Now that you already known this? let me show you how to change currency on PayPal account. Step by step guide easily.

Why Add new Currency to PayPal account?

Adding your country currency is very important for example , if your country currency is dollars and someone from China wanna send the Hong Kong Dollar money

You will get credited on your United States paypal account because it’s related to Dollars. So you don’t need converting PayPal funds first before getting them to my balance
All you do is to add your country currency on your PayPal account. Before converting

Steps To  Convert  PayPal funds to any currency  2022

Login your PayPal account Click dot column near your  PayPal balance  and a drop Menu will pop out as shown👇

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From the Drop Menu, click on Manage currencies and a new page will open up with your preferred payment method and your available Balance.

Just click on the balance and the next page will open as shown below

Click on Add Currency and the list of all the available paypal currencies will show up as below.

Lets assume i want add Australia currency. I just click on it and select the button Add Currency . And your new currency will be successfully added.

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Hit the OK button u will see your new currency added as shown below. And any Australian money will be available in the Australian currency balance.

You can as well watch for easy understanding 👇



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I believe we this article, everyone finding it difficult to withdraw his or her paypal funds, will be able to, without limitation.

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