How to create Foreign Facebook Account last forever

How to create Foreign Facebook Account last forever:Before thinking of starting up yahoo from home without going to HK , the things you must first consider are as follows :

Which format to use?,How to get the Format?, social media platform to bomb clients? and how to find a genuine source to always get you, updated each time any new trends hits the street for easy Cash out.

As you all know always brings you new updates which we discussed in some of our previous articles. Such as latest dating format, bitcoin format, grant format etc in which you can easily use to Cash out as a beginner or an expert in yahoo. which I believe you already learnt from. 😊

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Without much wasting time, in today’s article, we will precisely discuss details guides on The latest updates on How to create USA, Germany, India, China, Australia etc Facebook account from all African countries, regardless of any African country you are living such as Kenya, South Africa, Botswana etc and mainly Nigeria before getting started for yahoo.

How to Create USA, Germany(foreign Facebook Account in General from Nigeria or South Africa (African Countries) that will last forever

If you want to create a Facebook account from outside United States, such as African countries. The following listed guides will be of great help to you which is as follows:must importantly are

1.Get a USA or any countries virtual number You can get USA Number from any African countries by following the guide written here How to get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

To get US virtual number downloading the VyKe app, on Google play store in other to receive the online verification code.

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Haven gotten your US virtual number which you are going to use to register Facebook, you can now download the VPN network of your choice.
Below, are some of the free use VPN network to choose from.


2 Ipvanish

3. Access

4. Proton VPN

6.hotspot VPN

7.ZPN Proxy

8.Express VPN etc.

Once successfully downloaded and installed, kindly turn on you VPN location to USA, and then open Facebook app. It’s advisable you use the direct Facebook.

Once opened, kindly click on create new Facebook account:before then, always make sure your VPN network is always connected.


Create new Facebook account

Fill in your Information, including The Name, location, occupation according to the yahoo format you want to use to bomb.

All through,these processes, make sure your VPN is still on., And finally once account successfully created you are advise to leave it for at least 1 week to avoid being banned.

After that, you can start bombing gradually at least 6 clients per day.

Note: Don’t forget to always turn on your VPN before log in.To avoid facebook disabled. and make sure any clients, that gives you much attention, collect his or her WhatsApp number, or hangout Gmail, to safely chat him or her via private social media platform., most commonly, hang out and WhatsApp.

From above guides, you can create any foreign Facebook account regardless to the country you’re living and it can last forever, as long as this principles are well followed.

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