How to get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

As an upcoming hustler or Yahoo boy you should be more concerned about How to get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria Knowing well that clients from this location are always dope. “says many USA hustler” of which am not one but sorry am not here for that discussion at the moment, So let’s ride on.

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Without doubt, there are so many mobile apps to get virtual phone numbers for online verifications including whatsapp,Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

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Getting your USA phone number activated from Nigeria will only make your hustle go smoothly and stress free. This is the major reason I’ve written this article at least to show you the easiest method to get US, UK, Canada or even Poland mobile number with little charges.

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Some of these online apps for virtual numbers charges as high as 70$ per phone number which is very expensive. Others do charge more.

How to get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

You need USA number if you are into US work because:

  • ✅ You can’t be chatting your clients with Nigeria number
  • ✅ Using USA number will create more trust and credibility.
  • ✅ You will find it more easier to impersonate as a USA citizen

To get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria, kindly follow below steps using VYKE mobile app.

Download and install the VYKE app on your android device. Download here

Create account using your Nigeria mobile number and also login the app using same digits.

The First thing to do is Add Money to your VYKE app wallet and You can do this by clicking on the BUY button at the right hand top.

Having added funds to your vyke wallet using PayPal, ATM Card or other payment methods, the next thing to do is add New number.

To get started with this, kindly click on the Add Number Button .

Name Your profile and select your City, country and duration.

How long you wanna retain this phone number. Once the time pass, you may need to renew it again to keep using it.

Once Your Phone number has been added to your profile, you can behold it from your homepage, you can see sms and calls Tab on your homepage alongside with your new number boldly displayed.

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Using VYKE app is the easiest way through which you can get US number for WhatsApp in Nigeria. Please comment if you find this post interesting…