How to withdraw Double Money From Any ATM Point

How to withdraw Double Money From Any ATM Point

Since we discovered that there is a way to trick an ATM to dispense double money, it has been a thing of immense value to implement it on several ATM’s.

ATM hacking these days is becoming huge, and it’s due to several upgrade in technology, leaving loopholes to be exploited. Once you get acquainted with some of the hack knowledge, to trick an ATM to dispense double money becomes something you do almost all the time.

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Many ATM’s are susceptible to hacking due to presence of blank ATM hackers. It is also made possible via ATM machine hacking codes. From our research, ATM can be easily hacked because they give away customer cards related data.

We will be listing some of the tools you need to trick an ATM to dispense double the money. That way, you can simply overwrite the existing code and inject new ones.

Tools To withdraw Double Money From Any ATM Points Are As Follows 👇

1.Trojan Code

There will be series of codes which you will have to program into the blank card to be able to infect the Machine and help you override original instructions.

After writing the code on the card and instruct the card to get twice any amount imputed, it will perform that instruction seamlessly.

I will be showing you the steps to input the trojan codes inside the blank card and perform that action.
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2.Blank ATM Card

It is quite difficult to get a blank ATM, so you need a well-versed team of Black-Hat Hackers to provide you with the best blank ATM card you can ask for. They will have to inject a malware/trojan virus into the ATM, which you can use to infect the machine once you insert your card.

Also, you can hack into an individual’s PIN and copy it to your blank ATM card. So, it can be used for many purposes. This duplicated version can be used to achieve just anything like the original. It can be used to get money from an ATM, stores, or even POS.

A major limitation of the blank card used at an ATM stand would be the withdrawal limit of $3000 daily. But when you use a POS, there is no limitation.

3.Perfect ATM

The perfect ATM to execute this on would be the TRANAX MINIBANK 1500 ATM MACHINE. We haven’t found out the codes for other types of machine, so running the command on other machines might not work and you would stand a risk of getting caught.

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Steps To Trick An ATM Machine To Dispense Double Money

Just follow the instructions and use the ATM keypad hack codes I will drop here to accomplish your hack.

Step 1

“ENTER PASSWORD” will be shown. If you see that, enter the master, operator, or service default password,

Master = “555555”

Service = “222222”

Operator = “111111

Step 2

To get access to the operator function menu, hold the , and the keys at the same time for like 2 seconds, then release them immediately and press 1, then press 2, then 3. Achieving this at first can be quite difficult at first, but continuous trial will give you success

It is important to note that the operator function menu can be accessed only if the machine is out of service or in service. If the machine is initializing or trying to connect to the host, you won’t be able to use the command keys to access operator menu function.
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If there’s problem accessing the Operator menu, switch off the ATM and open the vault door. You can equally remove the paper from the printer and switch the ATM back on. This will automatically force the ATM to the operator menu.

Step 3

Immediately you have successfully done the key combination, you will be required to enter the password. There are three types of passwords.

Operator Password – which allows you to access the basic menu structure.

Service Password – Which give you access to the basic and diagnostic menu

Master Password – the master password allows you to access all menus including setup parameters.

To trick an atm to dispense double the money, you should use the passwords I have highlighted at the start of these steps

Step 4

On the left, you will find the complete operator function menu. The Password you used determines which functions you will see. If you used an operator password, the Host Setup Button might not be available for you.


So having the right tools and following steps above is the way to trick an ATM to dispense double the money you have entered to withdraw from the system. If you run into difficulties, please note down the error and come back here to drop feedback and we will work on it for you

Tools To withdraw Double Money From ATM Points