Latest Easy Cashout Method For 201 Dumps

What Is A 201 Dumps?

What is a dumps? This is an unauthorized digital copy of information on the magnetic stripe of an active credit card, such as the card number and expiration date. The information can then be used to create a fake credit card to make purchases.
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You can use the information from tracks 1 and 2 of the dumps and write it to a blank card using your MSR reader. Once this has been done, you can use the card to store credit cards or withdraw them from ATM (Automated Teller Machine
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Before you think of writing 201 dumps onto a chip, have in mind that it is difficult with the current technology available. Not that it isn’t possible, because I will still show you how to write 201 dumps in chip countries. But in this post, I will show you a practical way of how to cashout 201 dumps easily.

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Due to the demand of readers who are asking for a tutorial on this, I will be showing some alternative routes of how to use 201 dumps everywhere, even in places where POS terminal requires a chip and subsequent PIN used


The first thing we need is a card that has a chip and a magnetic stripe
Also we need to have a 12 Volt AC adapter

Steps To Cashout 201 Dumps

Bring a chip and scratch its metal contacts with the + and – of the adapter. You can also use burn the chip with a similar phone charger or Nokia phone. We will experience a spark, which will render the chip useless.

This is exactly what we are looking to achieve, because we need a chip that shouldn’t be working any longer.

After that we encode 201 track to the regular magnetic stripe of the card, then you can safely visit any shop or go for shopping at a local store. Once the store clerk tries inserting the card with the chip, they should get an error.

When you are questioned on why this is happening, explain that you washed your card with bleach, and it is affecting the functionality of the card.

The most interesting part is that once the terminal detects that the chip isn’t working, it will switch back to magnetic stripe mode and allow you to swipe the card.
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Now your job here would be to persuade the cashier/store clerk to do it.

As simple as it could get. This way, you cashout 201 dumps without hassles.

How to Use 201 Dumps in a Chip Country

To cashout 201 dumps in a chip country, then you need this tool

Requirements To Cashout 201 Dumps

A 201 Dump

Encode it exactly as 101 on a plastic. Note: There shouldn’t be any chip on the plastic

How to Cashout 201 Dumps Using POS

Insert the plastic just exactly the same way as you read a chip card. The POS will display “silent card” because the card can’t be red. So instantly you pull off the card from the slot fast, a swipe them fast on the POS (this manipulation must be done fast

After this, the POS will read the card exactly as the 101 dumps.

Once you’ve done this, you will receive an approved sign.

This method works on 90% of POS, and 201 dumps have better limit store, cheap pricing, and less block.

In Summary

A credit card dump is an action taken by hustlers to make an unauthorized digital copy of a credit card. 201 dumps are illegal, and you should be careful when using it in-stores. If you notice that the store clerk is beginning to suspect your movement, please quickly move out from the location

So now we have a clear knowledge of how to cashout 201 dumps, you just have to be extra smart when using these techniques. If you have questions, you can chat and I will respond to all of them.

In the process of carrying this out, you encounter any problem, please post it here and you will find assistance immediately.