Online shopping without otp in nigeria

We got so many questions like,is it really possible to shop on any of these online stores using a credit card that doesn’t belong to you, or stolen credit card?
If yes?
Wouldn’t they request for bank otp verification before successful purchase?

Well, without much waste of the Time,to everyone reading this article, i must tell you that, it is very possible to shop on any of the online stores such as jumia,Amazon etc using a stolen credit card, as long as there is sufficient balance on it.

The question is How.? Which we are going to explain at the end of this article

If you have been following us,i want you to flash back our previous article, where we discussed about the Universal otp bypass software that has been developed by hackers to avoid these issues of banks otp verification on credit cards.

Most of you whom purchased the universal otp bypass app tool,have reported feedback,and confirmed working, while some,we still haven’t heard from.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department, if any issues regarding these softwares.

Well,I’m also using this media to inform you all,that the latest version of the Universal otp bypass software app has been launched.and research have shown that it has been in existence for over some years now without our notice.

The upgraded universal otp bypass app tool is amazing and far better then the old version as an experienced user. in the sense that,it’s accessibility is unlimited unlike the initial version where maximum accessibility is 4times on daily bypassing banks otp while withdrawing money from stolen credit cards.

And also in this latest version,you can choose to shop directly on any of these online stores using the cards details(Shop Directory Method)

But the only problem while using this latest version of otp bypass software,is the difficulties in getting enough money on the stolen credit cards. as so many would have balances of 50k, 200k etc which isn’t enough money.

I personally,have been using this tool for some mouths now in ordering products from jumia,and Amazon most especially but i often uses the withdrawal method. For instance, i will withdraw using the stolen credit cards details,and then send to my bank account if wishes or use the money to fund my jumia or Amazon shopping account.

Since, we received the latest version of the Universal otp bypass software,we have been able to ordered and successfully received products worth over $30 million and Naira using different credit cards.

As we got guys whom supply us credit card with balance and also purchases here online. Incase you have credit cards with enough balance? Please DM at least 20m and above.

Because the only problem while using this software is how to get a well funded credit card balance.

How To Use the Universal Otp bypass software to shop without otp?

There are two methods to use the universal otp bypass app as explained. But the most recommendable and safer method is to withdraw the money from the stolen credit card by applying card’s Cvv, expiry date,19 digits card Number,and bank Name and then send to your bank account anonymously.

This transaction is untraceable with the help of Highly developed robots which are programmed as otp bypasser. After successful withdrawal you can then place order in any of the online shopping earlier stated. Highly recommended

Warning isn’t advisable to order directly,on any of the online shopping sites using the Shop Directory method option on the otp bypass app because the transaction may be traceable and your credit card can be easily banned.

speaking out of experience,it’s more safer when you withdraw from stolen credit cards,and then decide funding your online shopping accounts on jumia,Amazon etc to shop or send the money withdrawn to your personal account.

Here brings an end of this article. Please share with friends and families as they would also need this app tool. cheap and affordable.

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