Paypal chargeback and Dispute FAQS

All You Need To Know About PayPal Chargeback and Dispute

What is Paypal Chargeback

A chargeback is when a buyer asks their credit or debit card issuer to reverse a transaction after it’s been completed. They are available only to buyers who make a payment with their credit or debit card.

A friend said, He sent some funds to another friend who promised to pay him in some sorth of currencies perhaps Naira, BTC, Payoneer or whatever currency they have agreed on but after sending him the PayPal funds, only for the receiver to stop responding to his messages.

After about two to three days, The guy chatted him and said “ His PayPal account was limited and that there’s nothing he could do to refund the payment nor make payment to the sender when the money is hanging there. So he insisted that the sender should Initiate immediate chargeback

He was worried, so he chatted me up and said “Kelly” What can I do in this instance because i am suspecting the guy has sent out or used the funds so even when I chargeback I may not get my money back if truly he has spent the money from his paypal balance.

But is it really true that if you send me money and i sent it out or spend the funds through PayPal, the Sender can’t chargeback and get his money back? That’s not true at all.

PayPal don’t consider wither you have money in your account at the present or not when the chargeback is done.

Understanding PayPal Chargeback

Taking Example: Jane sent me $483 through PayPal, so after receiving the money i sent it out to other users or cashed it out through bank.

Now some issues arised and the sender decided to chargeback the payment but before then, I’ve already spent the money and my PayPal balance is $0.

So if the Sender Succeed in Charging back the funds, paypal will add negative balance to your account and if you didn’t win the case (dispute) paypal will then credit the person who raised the chargeback while they place negative balance on your account.

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So anytime the receiver load money in his PayPal account, it will be deducted till the debt is settled.

This means, even when the funds has been spent, PayPal will bear the loss pending any day, anytime the receiver gets to fund their account.

FAQS About Paypal Chargeback and Dispute

What happens if a buyer does a chargeback on PayPal?

Here’s what happens when a customer files a chargeback against a PayPal transaction: Buyer contacts their issuing bank and requests a chargeback. Issuing bank notifies PayPal’s merchant bank PayPal’s merchant bank notifies PayPal of the dispute and withdraws funds from PayPal

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How To avoid chargeback on PayPal?

To protect your business from PayPal chargeback fraud, follow these five suggestions:

1.Meet seller protection requirements.

2.Avoid risky transactions.

3.Minimize “Unauthorized transaction” claims.

4 Reduce “Item not received” claims.

5.Avoid “Significantly not as described” claims

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Will PayPal ban you for chargeback?

The first and the most apparent reason you can be banned from PayPal is when your account has excessive PayPal disputes and chargebacks. In this case, PayPal will temporarily freeze your account to investigate the dispute, preventing you from withdrawing, sending, or receiving money.

What happens if you lose a chargeback?

For merchants who have lost their chargeback dispute during any of the three cycles, or decided not to contest the chargeback, they are out the money from the sale, the product sold, plus any fees incurred. Once a merchant loses a chargeback, the dispute is closed and they can’t petition any further

How long does a PayPal chargeback take?

It typically takes us 30 days to process a chargeback, but the card provider can take 75 or more days to resolve the issue and make a final decision. Chargebacks and disputes in review don’t limit your ability to continue selling and getting paid with PayPal

What are the reason for Paypal chargeback?

There are three fundamental chargeback sources: merchant error, criminal fraud, and friendly fraud.

Can PayPal get my money back?

You Can Ask For a Refund

There’s no button for refund requests on PayPal. However, sellers can manually issue a refund up to 180 days after a transaction. If you haven’t, contact the seller and ask for a refund. If they’re not sure how to issue one, all they have to do is look up the transaction in their records

What Is Paypal Chargeback fee?

PayPal Chargeback fee are fees from PayPal on transactions that are protected under the PayPal Seller Protection Program. Transactions that do not meet these criteria are charged a fee of $8, or $16 if they exceed PayPal’s dispute threshold

How long do disputes last on PayPal?

Once a dispute is opened, you have 20 days to work with the buyer to resolve it. (PayPal won’t be involved at this point.) If neither you nor the buyer escalates the dispute during the 20-day window, it will be closed automatically

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