Paypal Payment Receipt Generator For Paypal Scam

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The demand for the use of screenshots as proof of PayPal payment keeps increasing all day. This is the method at which internet fraudsters and scammers uses in faking a receipt screenshot each time they want to purchase something online or for other users.

You can learn how this is done and prank your friend or family member to see their reaction. Note however that scams such as this are considered a cybercrime and punishable by law. Punishment may include jail time and compensation funds to the victim

Requirements for Fake paypal Receipt making

To make a fake PayPal payment screenshot,you will need the following

1.A PayPal account
2.A past transaction history.

You must have carried out at least one transaction with the account. You can just send your Google Play balance to PayPal (like $2), if you have one.
If you have these two ready, follow the steps below to create a fake PayPal payment screenshot

Step 1

Using your PC, visit the official PayPal website, that is,

Step 2

Log into your account by providing your username and password.

You will then be redirected to your transaction history for the last 30 days.

Step 3

Click on any of the transactions from the displayed summary.

Step 4

On your chrome browser, there is a 3-dot button on the top right corner of your laptop screen. Click on this.

Step 5

From the displayed menu, select “menu bar”

Step 6

Next, select “more tools”

Step 7

Click on the developer tool.This will give you access to the source code running the page. The source code can also be accessed using keyboard shortcuts: ctrl+shift+I

Step 8

Go ahead and copy the source code. Paste this on any editor, preferably notepad or sublime text.

Step 9

Using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+ the F key, locate the element in the source code you wish to edit.

So, to successfully make a fake PayPal payment screenshot, you will need a PC, an editor, and some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS programming languages.

Following the identification,you can go ahead using these skills to manipulate the source code to create your desired effect. The fake receipt can then be used for whatever purpose you wish such as pranks on your friends.

How to use fake PayPal payment generator APK

There are numerous apps on the internet that allow you to generate a fake PayPal payment screenshot. This fake PayPal payment generator APK allows those without basic HTML or CSS skills to successfully create a coning invoice screenshot. The app also allows you to send this via email to a recipient.

The receiver will be notified with a fake confirmatory email that looks convincing to those who are unable to distinguish fake from real.

Best fake PayPal payment generator APKs software

The following includes the square, invoice ninja, cash receipt, wave invoice, free invoice maker, custom receipt maker, Zoho, invoice, zip books, and quick receipt, amongst others. Some scammers have also learned to use premium photoshop software for this scam.

How to make a fake PayPal balance screenshot

Upon opening a new PayPal account, the displayed initial balance will be $0.00. What if I tell you this can be manipulated and changed to whatever balance you wish for? For fun’s sake, let’s consider how to create a fake PayPal balance screenshot.

Create a PayPal account, if you do not already have one. Your displayed balance will be $0.00. let’s go ahead and have this changed.

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your chrome browser

Select“more tools”
Select“navigation tools.

This will cause the inspector element to pop up
Next,highlight the balance to see the source code behind it. The balance will show in the source code as 0.00. Double-tap on it to make whatever changes you wish.

You can create a million-dollar balance if you so wish. Once you are done, exit the chrome inspection tool to see the effect.

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