How to Start yahoo from home without H.K

If you’re interested in doing yahoo without going for H.K first thing is to Purchase or find

A perfect Format which you’re going to use to start up.depending on your choice.and you should also beware of the risk involved in doing yahoo which i will briefly explain at the end of this make you understand fully well,the implications in doing yahoo. But before then,

What Does H.K Means In Yahoo?

H.K is a home where groups of people,lives to learn how to scam for money.419 (Lies)

What is yahoo?

In summary,Yahoo simply means the act of collecting money from someone with the help of fake informations (lies) as stated below👇

What are yahoo format?

Yahoo formats are fake informations consisting of fake profile, Marital status, age, profession, City etc.claimed by an individual for the purpose of collecting money from his or her clients.

Types of yahoo formats

We have different kinds of formats which guys uses to hustle in the street for easy Cashout . Depending on the area you find interest on. which includes:

1.Dating Format

2.Investment Format eg Bitcoin

3.Next of Kins

4.Grant format

5.Lottery format

6.Celebrity format

7.Hookup format

8.Gay Format

9.Military Format

10.FBI Format etc

Haven gotten any of the format, which you decided to start up with,?

Search for an handsome man or beautiful woman from United States or any country of your choice.Suitable enough to use his or her pictures and videos according to your format.

And thereafter,you can sign up in any of the social media platforms such as facebook,twitter,LinkedIn, Xing,Instagram Etc.

Haven successfully created account in any of the above mentioned or more platforms,? To avoid being restricted from any of these platforms, you can Purchase Zutu Wizard app tool from any of the online stores.

Or can contact our costumers service for immediate share of the Zutu wizard app tool. Which enables you to use any of these social media platforms without being restricted or disabled both on Facebook and Instagram

The Zutu app tool also enables you to make a real video call with your client without noticing its fake.

Haven filled on your personal information, in any of these social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.which includes American Full Name,Address,Age,Current City, Home Town, profession etc.

While using the zutu app tool,you can start adding friends immediately in any of the social media sites without limitations bombing

What is Bombing In Yahoo?

Bombing is the process of adding friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, and then wait for them to accept your friends request.

After which they have accepted your friend requests all you need do, is to wait at least the next day. Before sending them messages by properly using your format because every stages in yahoo,has its different format write down.

After sending your friends message, you need to patiently wait until he or she responds to your message. If no response,? Don’t send message to him or her again because you don’t force someone to chat with you.

If he or she responds? All you need do is to chat him or her properly without being in haste to ask for her whatsapp Number because when using,the Zutu app tool,you will never get restricted or disabled. As you can add friends unlimitedly. So there isn’t any reason to panic.

Make sure you chat matured so that they won’t suspect you of being a scammer.By not being in haste to respond to their messages.

Maintain better relationships with your clients and then you can politely ask for his or her whatsapp Number. If you want to.

But before then,be sure you already gotten a USA or any countries virtual number and continue your communications.

Chat Love And Trust

You are expected to chat your client constantly and build trust. At least two weeks or more depending on the kind of format or how your clients gives you attention either he or she have loved and trusted you.Before thinking of billing him or her.

When To Bill Clients In Yahoo?

As said earlier,Before thinking of billing your clients,you should be able to know if he or she love and trust you, and then think of a perfect billing format,which will state how to collect money from your clients.And In other not to notice you’re fake? chat him or her patiently before asking for money.

Best Billing Format For Yahoo

After chatting and building trust with your client, you can choose any of these listed or more billing formats such as:

1.Dating billing format,

2. Next of kin billing format,

3. iTunes Card billing format

4.Sickness billing format

5.Vacation billing format

6.Investment billing format

7.Shopping billing format

8.Grant billing format

9.Celebrity billing format

10.Accident billing format

11.Hook up billing format

12.Doctor billing format etc

If you are searching for the right billing format to Bill your clients? we got so many billing formats strategies that will make your clients to pay you unconditionally.And we will also teach you everything you need to know.

All of the above listed and other more billing formats are available. We can’t publish it here because billing formats are not met to be exposed in other not to cast.

Risks In Doing Yahoo

As you already know, yahoo is an internet scam which involves defrauding of people’s hard earned money which is against the constitution of every countries in the world. Because of that, laws are implemented by governments.that anyone found in this act by the securities agencies,should be arrested and sentence to jail.

So,When doing yahoo you should be very vigilant and very careful in other not to be arrested by the police or any of the securities agencies.Do yahoo on a low key (secretly)

For more updates, or explanations? You can contact us for further Guide to make you understand better.

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