Step To Sell Your PayPal Funds In Nigeria 2022

Sell Your PayPal funds in Nigeria 2022: Do you know you can sell your PayPal funds in Nigeria, and at the same time, get paid in Naira?

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In this article, I’m going to share with you, easy steps to sell your PayPal funds yourself. If you want to sell your PayPal funds in exchange of any currency, you can simply use the PayPal exchanger method

What is PayPal Exchanger?

Paypal Exchanger is the best and most reliable means through which you can easily convert your PayPal money to Naira and get paid directly to your local bank with just few clicks.

How To Sell Your PayPal Funds In Nigeria And Get Paid Instantly 

Kindly follow the steps below 👇

Request a confirmation to the email you registered with, if not shown in your inbox? Check Your Email Spam Folder.

Enter the Six digits confirmation Code sent to your email as shown below and click on confirm Account button

Now your Account is Activated and Ready For Use. Click on the Menu and select the option to Add Money

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Click on Deposit Now right under the payment Icon, Enter the amount you want to deposit not less than 50$ which is the minimum deposit you can make.

Preview Your Deposit to make sure your figures are correct. Now continue to make your deposit with paypal. And you will be redirect to PayPal login page

Login Your PayPal and process your payment. Once done successfully, It will be deposited in your PayPal exchangers balance.

Now that you have your funds deposited in your wallet, Click on Withdraw Money From the Menu Bar and you will be taken to another page as shown below.

Preview your Details to make sure everything is correct. Now you can click on the Withdraw Button .

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