Update – Bank Account Transfers Diverting Software

In today’s article,we will be discussing the Bank transfers Diverter app software at which you can easily use to steal money from any bank account without the owner’s awareness. It sounds amazing? “Not” perhaps we are in a computerized world where everything is Possible.
Haven discussed so many developed apk software by hackers,such as flash Funds, Xcaret100, Cardropro, Cardcumbo etc. Which i believed those whom purchases are using right now.

As you already know we bring you every updates across the world at which you can greatly benefit from both locally and internationally.

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Without much waste of time, you might be wondering how the bank transfers diverter apk software works. And how you can make money from it as well. which i will be writing a breakdown of how it operates. For Easy Understanding First,

What is Bank Transfer Diverter Tool

The Bank Transfer Diverter app software is a PC and IPhone Developed app which is used by hackers for redirecting the transfer of Bank Transactions to another source or account where they then withdraw it without being tracked.

How Does The Bank Transfer Diverter Software Works?

Before using this app device in carrying out operation,all what is required is the victim Bank Account Number.

With this,you can then apply it to the app. Which enables you to monitor every single transfers made by the victim and then redirect the money to the developed apk anonymously.

After successful fixing in the victims account numbers on the apk.all the funds transferred by the individual will always reflect on the apk software. And after which you can convert the money to Bitcoin. And then send the funds to your wallet address.

With this software,you can HackProgram unlimited number of Bank Accounts numbers to the apk software.which helps you to redirect every single transfers made by the victim.

This software only allows you to carry out two times bank transfers Diverting funds on victim’s account. which simply means that -(You can only Divert money from the victims account only twice. But you can program as many account numbers you want on the software for money Diverting.

This app software has been the best hit here in the internet but could only be found on top hacking websites because is a very dangerous software in Diverting money transferred from bank account to another source or bank account.

One of the challenges you got when using this software is how to be getting individuals account number. If you can be having different account numbers on daily basis? Then i recommend this software for you!

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