Updated Flash Funds Tool For Easy Cashout 2022

Updated Flash Funds Tool For Easy Cashout.

Haven learnt *How to do fake SMS bank alert * in our previous post,

Today, we are going to discuss Flash Funds, i strongly believe, that most of us might have come in contact with different method to make money from fake bank alert online , but in case you haven’t,? , this article is for you all, because it’s a newly upgraded version which covers, two major powerful features, which i will be breaking down in this post , for easy understanding.

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Fake bank alert is commonly a way at which many street guys, uses as tools to make excess money, without being told their income source,

Are you looking for easy format to Cash out cool cash as a yahoo Boy? No everyday subscription,, No chatting with clients for mouths, No video call, and whatever, then you can try fake bank alert

As said earlier, the latest version of the flash funds have two functions. Which could be use for either data spinning and sending fake bank alert.

Flash Funds_Fake Bank Alert App in Nigeria

Flash Funding Tool :, only works for Nigerian banks while the CardCumbo only works for international banks

Flash Funding Apk carries two features, as earlier stated. Flash alerts, and flash spinning.

Flash Alerts feature, is the major reason, why everyone, wants to purchase the flash fund tool, which helps to send fake bank alert to any one you desire, regardless of the bank you are sending to, without being caught, due to its high anonymous nature. Any moment, you uses the flash alerts, the Bank ID does show, but in case of flash funds, you select the bank ID that will appear, in the client’s phone as it usually comes from the particular bank they operates.

If you have ever use it before, am sure you know what am saying, the difficulty in getting someone phone number or email. Which they normally use, in receiving alert from the bank, this issue is resolved, that’s why this feature is of much value.

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But in this recent Flash Funds Version. You can add flash spinning which enables you to get the bank data, before sending your alert. And the major reason, why Flash Funds is better then most Fake Alert tools apps,, is simply because, it automatically updates client bank balances with the exact amount which you flash to them, the flash funds only last for 24hrs before it get cleared From their bank balances, and remains their initial money in their bank account. .

This auto updated feature wasn’t present in flash fund 4.2, another amazing reason, i so much love the app is that in every newly released version, they add extra beneficiaries features which make it more easy, when they check their balances, they will see you really send the money Without any doubt.

Flash Spinning

You don’t need to be worried or afraid of sending alerts to the wrong number, and it’s needed to do, is simply open the app and then, click on flash spinning., you can plug in the owner bank account details, including the :Bank name, Bank account number, account holder name. And then you click on the* spin Now Button* and then all necessary details you need to send your fake alert will show immediately.

The address, phone number, and email linked with the account will show up instantly, including the date of birth passport photo, but isn’t compulsory,, and all what is needed is their photo number or email address, after which you have gotten these.., you can now proceed to to flashing fund, using your fake bank alert app.



Not too expensive, because, i assure you, that, you going to make millions of Naira in selling this same tool, to order people, who are in need, as it is highly demand tools, by yahoo guys.

I have personally, done fake alert, using this powerful tool, on different occasions, such as, supermarket, shop rite,, via POS, and many other without being caught. Due to my carefulness

Mind you, you will not only make money, withdrawing through Pos, supermarket, shop rite, but will also make excess money, selling the flash funds which is very rare on the internet.


The download button is currently unavailable here in the internet, for some safety reasons could only be forwarded to you, immediately after payment, it’s a private usage app not meant for public as it is, a hacking tools.

You can make payment, using any of the methods, Bit coin or bank, and send us email message or WhatsApp, with your payment proofs and the download link and usage guide, would be sent to you immediately. Includes,

The Guide is in PDF format, to show you step by step on how to use the flash funds in getting bank data and sending fake bank alert anonymously.

How to Start Yahoo As a Beginner

There’s no way You can think about Sending fake bank alerts without referring to Flash Funds software.

Flash funds Pro Download V10.0

Flash funds software is the best when it comes to sending fake bank alerts. With flash funds v10.0 You can send fake alert to any country of your choice. Download flash funds now to get started.

Watch out to see how it’s works below👇